Food Products That Are Made From Pork

Pork which is meat from swine is a favorite of many; in fact, it is a staple in many homes. It has a distinct flavor and juiciness that sets it apart from all other meats. It is funny how so many people take pork without even knowing that whatever meat they are eating is pork.  Different cuts of pork have different names, which makes it difficult to know that what you are eating is pork indeed. This article aims to look at the various pork products to shed some light.

The first and probably the most common smithfield foods inc product is sausage. Sausages date back to the middle ages with the first sausage made by stuffing ground pork in intestines. Over the years sausages have improved while still maintaining the principle behind them. These days, instead of animal intestines, there is a synthetic substitute that is used. When it comes to sausage-making, you are left to get creative as to the kind meat filling you want. You are free to combine as many cuts as you please, to get the right balance of flavor, fat, and moistness.

Another common pork product is ham. Ham is the meat cutting that comes from behind the leg of a pig. It is subjected treatments such as salting and smoking to preserve them. Ham is usually named based on the area it comes from because different places cure their harm differently. In the U.S, one of the most common ham comes from the town of Smithfield and is thus called the Smithfield ham because of the curing method unique to the Smithfield area. Read to know more about pork foods.

Talking about pork products without mentioning bacon would be a great injustice. Bacon is pork product that most families enjoy every day at breakfast. Bacon is a type of cured pork that has been treated to brine and dry salting. It is loved by many because of its smoky flavor that is hard to miss. It has to be cooked before eating.

The final pork product on our list gammon. Although gammon has many similarities to ham, it also has some differences. They are similar because they come from the hind of the back leg of the swine. However, that is as far as their similarities go because while ham is cooked a bit before a sale,  gammon is not cooked and you have cook it first to be safe from any harmful things that may be in the raw meat.

 These are not all the smithfield foods inc products, but they will give an idea of what you are buying when you buy any of them.